Lorenzo Zelaschi

Lorenzo Zelaschi

Lorenzo Zelaschiis a freelance photographer and storyteller, with a long work historyas a graphic designer and videomaker behindhim. Born in Bergamo in 1985, he first attended a fine arts high school and thenNABA, the NuovaAccademia di Belle Arti di Milano. He does reportage thatintertwinesimages and words. His creative processallowshim to document reality, through the modes of photography, literature, and journalism: a productthatisonlypossiblethanks to deep immersion into the cultural, social, and environmentalaspects of the places he visits. In the last fewyears, he’stravelledthroughoutMexico, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Laos, and Thailand. Collaborating with the Diocese of Bergamo’sMission Center (Centro Missionario Diocesano di Bergamo), he spent the months of September and October 2019 in the Amazon forests of Northern Bolivia to document the socio-environmentaltransformationsresulting from the Synod for the Amazon, an eventorganized by Pope Francis with the goal of bringing global attention to the importance of preservingthis area of the planetthathasbeenthreatened by fires and immense disforestation. His nextprojectis the documentation of the Zero Plastic in the Sea (Zero plastica in mare) initiative, launched by Legambiente and BNP Paribas.

I use photographyas a tool to share the way in which I see the world and as a bridge to come intocontact with people. Itisthroughphotographythat I amable to discoverour beautiful planet and to uncover the followingtruth: differencesresideat a verysuperficiallevelamongstuswhilewhatlinksusalllivesmuchdeeper and itis the latterthattrulydefinesusas human beings. I write to accompanymy images, accentuatingtheirpoetic and communicativestrength, taking the reader to a placewherenoteven the power of visual images can arrive.

I want to show the “chiaroscuro” of the World, built from the perpetualalternationbetween Dark and Lightforcing myself, aboveall, to carve out a point of viewthattranscendsthisduality, onethatwill helpbothmyself and whomeverseeks to enjoy and benefit from mycontent. I wantto revive the flamethatrepresentsfaith in human beings and in ourexistence.

I believethatnow, more thanever, weneed stories of happiness capable of helpingusbelievethat IT exists and hasalways and willalways –an underlying force for good behindall the evil in the worldThe challenge thatwehave the opportunity to face is to find a way to recognizethis force and, once found, do ourvery best to sustainit, to keepitalive.

Thereis an extraordinary connection thatpermeateseverythingthatexists, in which the illusion of separationdisappears, leaving the mysticembrace in whichwe are allsecretlyimmersed to fullysurface.

From mypoint of view, I think thisis the highestcalling of creativity and of art.


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