Lorenzo Zelaschi

Ospedale da Campo A.N.A.

Commitee: L’Eco di Bergamo   Date: Mar-Apr 2020  Place: Bergamo Italy

At the end of March of this year, due to the Covid-19 epidemic that has just
occurred, my city – Bergamo, in northern Italy – needed to build an emergency
field hospital, as all the hospitals in the area were overloaded. The work was
coordinated by the Alpini and carried out by Italian artisans, and from the “Ultrà
dell’Atalanta” (Atalanta is the Bergamo football team and the “Ultrà” are its
most loyal supporters) who offered their work for free (especially from the area
surrounding Bergamo, but not only), finishing it in a record time of 10 days!
The hospital was built in Seriate (BG), in the area intended for the Fair.

Beyond all the contradictions and mysteries related to
the “Coronavirus” theme, and beyond the fact that once
the hospital was finished it was no longer used as the
emergency was gradually diminishing, the love that was
poured on that land will remain steeped in it forever.
Having had the opportunity to spend several days in the midst of the
works, I can say without reservation that all the people who participated
in the work did so by giving, even before their heart, of their actions.